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What makes ProDocs so unique?

Property Industry Experts

At the helm, Josh Green has over 10 years experience in acquisitions and marketing. Having worked for a national property group as their Head Analyst and Asset Manager, Josh's knowledge of what is needed to sell residential investment properties is second-to-none.

Other members of the team have strong property experience in their area of expertise as well. Jode Matthews has been writing copy for Josh for over 3 years. They now have a great working relationship and are able to handle just about any job together. Our 3D render artist John Butcher has an immense level of experience created amazing photo-realistic images of residential property. His high standards for excellence make him fit well within the team.

We are property marketing experts that don't charge Ad Agency rates. You want to be understood and we hear you!

Multimedia Experts

As advertising campaigns increasingly require integrated video, ProDocs can help you affordably harness the power of this rich media format for any property marketing campaign. Whether you are running an agency and require videos to sell prestige homes, a property group looking to ustilise video in your social media ad campaigns or you are a developer looking to promote your latest project on your website, our videos will set you apart.

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