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Our documents build credibility.


Everyone thinks they can be a researcher but few do it well.

Guide your clients in their due dilligence process to the stories that matter. Our research team filters a wide range of sources in order to give the most compelling story for your investors.

Our research team will look at a large range of factors influencing any market around the country.

Economic Factors

A wide range of economic factors can influence a property market including Employment Growth, Infrastructure Spending, Economic Diversity, Household Income and Affordability.

Population and Demographics

Population Growth and various changes in Demographics can have a major impact on property demand in an area. Our researchers investigate the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sites such as the Office of Economic and Statistical Research to get a deep understanding of the forces involved.

Supply and Demand

Having a clear understanding of what the current housing demand is in a specific suburb as well as future projected demand based on building approvals compared to population and jobs growth is critical information for the savvy investor.

Rental Supply and Demand

The size and growth of the rental market is an important factor for investors. Knowing that their property is in rental demand is critical for their peace-of-mind.

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