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L4: Digital Docs

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Our Digital Docs range covers all the other great content that ProDocs creates. From professional videos to digital marketing content, our aim is to provide you with content that engages your audience and builds trust.

Video Production

Videos are an extremely powerful way to bring a project or location to life, and they don't need to cost a fortune. We create a very compelling story to your project through the power of moving pictures and sound.

With over 15 years of television and video production experience, the ProDocs team take high quality production values to a new level within the property industry.

Watch one of our videos we created with our research partner, AIPR.


Don’t you hate it when you see your stock image on a competitor’s website?

Pictures DO tell a thousand words… Custom imagery can set you apart as well as creating a strong bond with your target audience.

Web Content

Rich online content will engage your audience in a more meaningful way; helping to build trust and establish strong connections with your brand.

We look at a holistic approach to your online marketing so that your website, social media and advertising campaigns all work within your company's values and strengths.

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L4: Digital Docs

Regional Overview Video

Our regional overview videos create an incredibily powerful incentive for investors to purchase investment properties within the region. We interview key figures in the region to tell their story of why now is a great time to invest. This builds credibility between your buyers and your company by utilising a 3rd party to validate what your sales team are saying.

Project Overview Video

Bring your next project to life with our Project Overview Videos. We can create an exciting incentive for purchasers with video of the local amenities, interviews with local businesses and even a 3D fly-through to help investors visualise the end product. Integrate it with footage and interviews from our Regional Videos to create a complete picture.

Regional Investment Overview

A minimum of 20 pages of researched content, graphs, maps and images covering a particluar town or suburb from a residential property perspective. Our researchers put extensive time into creating a thorough, well-presented argument for investing in your chosen area.

Project Identity

The identity of your project is the foundation for everything. We not only create a unique logo for your project, but consider colours, font types, secondary elements and how all of these will work in conjuntion to encompass the desired look and feel of your project. Without your project identity, everything else is pointless.

Due Diligence Report

A Due Diligence Report covers all the critical information an investor will need to make an informed decision before purchasing. From research and location through design and specifations, everything is covered in this comprehensive document for your investors.

Master Plans

ProDocs design team can take your surveyors plans and turn them into colourful master plans. Inset them into Google 'Satelite View' to help buyers visualise better.

Location Photography

Good photography is another way to bring your project to life.Potential buyers can easily envision what life will be like for residents when it comes to work, rest or play.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs are a powerful way to genuinely connect potential buyers with your project by seeing the site from a bird's eye view complete with surrounding amenities.

Custom Photography

Custom photography can really make a difference. Use it to make a clear message to your target audience that you understand them.

Project Brochure

Give potential buyers something to get excited about. A brochure gives a powerful snapshot of the reasons why your project stands out form the crowd. The way it's designed and the quality of printing can help build trust with your potential buyers.

Company Brochure

Giving potential clients an overview of your company and what you do. A company brochure builds trust and credibility while giving a summary of your products and services.

Project Website

Website for a specific development project designed and built ready for hosting. Complete with Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla Content Management System (CMS), this site can either be hosted through a service you set up and manage or we can manage the host for you at a very reasonable cost giving you total peace of mind.

Company Website

Your company's website needs to clearly state your values, products and services so you can quickly give clients a reason to find out more. Get clear with your message then target your online marketing campaigns to work in line with your website. The team at ProDocs will work out where you are leaking in your digital pipeline and put together a strategy to improve it.

Brand Consultation

Our brand consultation process involves taking a close look at your current brand and its relation to your company values. We then propose a strategy to make small changes to bring them more into line with each other improving potential clients' overall impression of your company and creating longer lasting relationships through brand loyalty.

Digital Marketing

We take the mystique out of digital marketing and show that it is a simple process of creating clear messages through targeted online campaigns. Once we have completed a consultation process to learn where your company's highest value lies, we propose an online strategy that is careful and measured to ensure your marketing budget is being spent wisely.

Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

Email marketing through your database with special offers, new product announcements and newsletters is a cost-effective way to generate business. But your EDM campaigns must build trust and sincerity while creating a strong Call to Action that links them from the email to an particular offer or service. The ProDocs team can create EDM templates that are on-brand and effective.

Artist Impressions

Our 3D artists can create photo-realistic impressions of your finished product to give people a first-hand look at what they're buying.

Floor Plans

Colour floor plans showing furniture placement is another essential way of visualising the layout and and room integration of your project.

3D Floor Plans

Take your floor plans to a new level with 3D furniture and landscaping to give them an extra "pop".

Web & Print Ready PDF

PDF is the most versatile document file for presentation today. We always provide PDFs compressed for email as well as a high resolution version for your printer.

12 Months File Storage

We supply a cloud-based copy of all your completed documents and/or videos for a period of 12 months free-of-charge.


Not all printers are created equal. For the same price as you're probably paying at your local printer, let us manage the service and get a far better result.

Website Hosting

Take the headaches out of managing your own web hosting service. With 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

*Survey plans not supplied in vector format will incur additional costs

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